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Derbe Ireland (100% Irish owned distribution company)

Derbe Ireland holds the exclusive rights to distribute Derbe's natural body care products throughout Ireland. Derbe is Italy's finest natural body care company and has a global presence. Derbe is an independent company and is not part of a larger company.

We are delighted to offer this luxury product to the Irish market. Derbe base their products on Italian herbal medicine. Extraordinary plants of natural origin become the raw materials used to create beauty products and magical fragrances that help us to feel more beautiful and in harmony with ourselves. Our products, strictly microbiologically controlled and dermatologically tested; do not contain parabens, mineral oils or petroleum derivatives and are also suitable for sensitive skin. For all of these reasons we want to introduce these incredible products to Irish women, men and children. We believe strongly in the importance of a natural product on your skin. We are a young and dynamic company that love the beauty of nature and we want you love this product like we love it.

Derbe was established over 50 years ago by Mauro Cresci who, having taken over his father’s pharmaceutical laboratory, directed the business towards the production of high-quality cosmetics creating innovative products that were also natural.

Derbe products are produced in Florence where with the utmost professionalism, products are conceived and produced according to a brand philosophy that hinges on the safety of products that are carefully inspected throughout the production cycle.

Derbe products are never tested on animals and the company adheres to the LAV (anti-vivisection association) project.