Bio-Agricert S.r.l


 Bioagricert srl was born in 1984 with the name of Bioagricoop scrl when a group of technicians and experts started to work as Independent Certification and Control Body.

In 1985 Bioagricoop scrl becames partner of IFOAM (International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements), working actively for the development of organic regulations and norms. In 1996 Bioagricoop became the first Body accredited by Ifoam for the Certification and Control of vegetal, animal and processed organic products.

In 1988 Bioagricoop was entrusted by Emilia Romagna Agriculture Committee with the study of organic farming in the region. In the same yearBioagricoop set up the Organic Quality Association (AQB) for the management of AQB trademark for organic productions.

In 1993 Bioagricoop was recognized by the Ministry of Agricultural Politics as Authorized National Body for the Control and Certification of Organic Productions (on the basis of Reg. EEC 2092/91 now Reg. UE 834/2007).

On 29 July 2002 the Ministry of Agricultural Politics authorized the passage of certification activity from Bioagricoop scrl to Bioagricert srl.While Bioagricoop continued only with the activity of promotion, training and research in organic agriculture and sustaianble development.

Bioagricert srl is enrolled in the list of the Chamber of Commerce of Bologna, Italy, with number 01951701208 of 12/04/1999. REA 401449.

The head seat, located in Casalecchio di Reno, Bologna, Italy is the heart of the whole organization that coordinates Italian and foreing as well as regional and foreign seats.

At national Level in Italy, Bioagricert guarantees efficient coverage of the country with its head office and several inter regional offices and operation units that coordinate the work of all inspectors.

At International level, Bioagricert works in different countries such as Latin America, South East Asia, Mediterranean Basin and east Europewhere it has operation units and local offices that coordinate and implement the inspection activity carried out by local inspectors.

Bioagricert was also the first Italian organization working to promote the organic culture in countries outside Europe and especially in Third countries, in order to valorize the trade of raw materials and finished products that are typical of such areas.

Bioagricert also cooperates in the development of new certification standards both at national and international level. It has already developed new voluntary standards in the sectors of aquaculture, catering and resorts, textile, fair trade, cosmetic etc.

                         Body care product and cosmetic

Bioagricert certifies natural and organic cosmetic products distinguished for their high quality, respectful of health and environment and made with natural and organic substances.
Bioagricert certifies the application of specific standards and requirements that allow different levels of conformity, depending on the percentage of "natural" ingredients, ingredients of "natural origin".

"Natural" ingredients are substances obtained from natural raw materials such as vegetal products or products from wild harvesting, products of animal origin like milk, honey, etc. and minerals processed only thorough physical methods (drying, extraction, filtration, etc.).

Ingredients "of natural origin" are substances obtained from natural raw materials, like indicated above, that can be processed through physical processes but also through some allowed chemical processes.     

 'Biologicamente Corretto  Eco-Compatible' has been tested by the University of Ferrare, the Bioagricert International Labeling Certificate and the Italian Animal Labeling Certificate; Leal Stop Vivisection declares that neither the products nor the ingredients have been tested for animals. So guaranteed animal proof free.