History of Derbe

The Speziali was a therapy held with great care by doctors from medieval times in the city of Florence. It was based on official herbs, sold together with other plant essences, mineral powders and drugs of various kinds in the shops of the Speziali. 

The "medieval pharmacist" prepared potions, ointments, pills, cosmetics and perfumes. In the era of the Medici family who flourished during the medieval Renaissance period, Florentine traditional medicinal herbs union "Speziali Fiorentini" celebrated its peak. In 1533, during the wedding of Caterina de Medici and the French king Henry II, it was said that perfume and art were introduced to France through the union, Leonard Bianco accompanying the bride.

"Speziali Fiorentini of Derbe" series which took over the name of this venerable correct herbal union and the medieval Italian herb recipe, was born. From Florence, Derbe has created a body care brand that has offered traditional technology and natural blessings throughout the world.That Derbe produces products from natural ingredients has come from passion, not from a marketing idea. Due to its long tradition and enormous experience, Derbe makes careful and sensible choices for the right raw materials.Years of cooperation with the University of Florence combines the passion with scientific knowledge.This unique combination has transformed Derbe into one of the oldest companies in the world that base its products on Italian herbal medicine.

Currently, the "Derbe" brand is handled at 2000 pharmacies in Italy and specialty stores for medicinal herbs. It has also been exported to 14 countries worldwide including Britain, France, Australia and is also used as a professional brand of beauty salon in Germany.

Not yet famous in the Ireland but a hit in Japan. Outside Italy, Derbe skin care products have been sold in Japan for more than 10 years. In Japan, Derbe's products are purchased by a pharmaceutical company that monitors any delivery in its own lab and announces that Derbe products are always of constant quality. Derbe products have been available in the United States for over 15 years.

We are excited to introduce Derbe to Ireland.