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Dermatologically Tested

The capillary cream is an excellent conditioner that is essential for improving the scalp hydrolipidic and acid mantle and nourishing and restructuring hair, gives softness and vitality to the keratin fibres. That cream has a very tiny orange colour and its consistency is particularly firm, far stronger than that of normal hair or balm masks, much more like a creamy paste. The fragrance is delicate and not intrusive. Anytime and anywhere, this is the indispensable product for your hair! It is a conditioner that nourishes, adds shine and detangles hair removing static electricity and imparting body, strength and volume to fine hair. It prevents the structural impoverishment of hair and damage to the hydro-lipid layer and acid mantle of the scalp caused by aggressions including climate, environment, hair-processing treatments, excessive or aggressive washing. It can be used as a mask to nourish the scalp and add softness, body and vigour to hair, as a conditioner to detangle and strengthen hair, contain split ends and control static electricity typical of dry hair, or to add a touch of gloss by applying a small amount to hair without rinsing to obtain docile and more manageable hair. Three different methods to use:

- Can be applied as a mask pack after washing hair, leaving in for 10/15 minutes to nourish the scalp before rinsing, for soft, vibrant hair that is full of body.

- Can be used as a normal detangling conditioner then rinsed to strengthen the hair, reduce split ends and eliminates the static electricity to which dry hair are prone.

- Can be applied in a small quantity and left on as a finishing polish, for softer hair that is easier to comb.

After two months of use:

From the first use, the hair is immediately nourished, soft and especially easy to comb. After use the bend is easier to do, especially if you want to make it smooth. It is not weighing the hair and they remain clean for several days. 

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